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The breadcrumb trail

Most music searches begin with a spark: a song you know is just right, or a search you've done before that’s right on brief. 

With DISCO’s breadcrumb trail, you can save a heap of time creating your new playlists, using the magic of your old lists. 

What is the breadcrumb trail?

The breadcrumb trail (with apologies to Slint) is perhaps the most time saving-feature of DISCO. 

In DISCO, when you click on a track, you can see every list that track has been in. This allows you to intuitively drill down into your previous creative choices and those of your team, laterally scrolling through your work and creating your next list as you go. 

Whether you start your list with a song or a previous list in mind, the DISCO breadcrumb trail will save you a heap of time. And the more lists you make, the more powerful it gets.