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Sharing a saved playlist

Sharing music with DISCO is easy.

Sharing playlists

Once you save a playlist in DISCO, you'll get an option to share the playlist: 

You have two ways to share after saving: you can copy the URL and send it on yourself, or you can use DISCO's super simple sharing function. 

Using DISCO share

Using DISCO's share function is simple. Just click Share this playlist and enter the email or emails of people you'd like to share with. 

As you type, DISCO will bring up suggestions for you – suggestions will be people you've sent to before, other DISCO businesses' Team Inboxes, and your own email groups (more on Team Inboxes and email groups in a moment). 

 Theicon signifies an individual, which can be either a non-DISCO user or a DISCO user.

Theicon means a DISCO team inbox (an inbox for another company using DISCO).

Theicon means a group of users you've set up.


If you add a group when sharing, the users will be added to the to field, and you'll be able to remove any before sending: 

Once you've got your recipients all set, add a message if you like, and then click the green send button and you're away. 

Once you send your playlist, you can check access stats by clicking the link in the Playlist Sent pop up: 

Creating email groups

If you selected more than one user, after a few emails you'll be given the option to create a mailing list from these users, to make them easier to send to next time: 

Creating a mailing list is easy: just give the list a name, confirm the users you want to add, and click Create List:

You can manage your groups at any time in Settings > Email Groups

Sharing with other DISCO users and businesses

To share with another DISCO user, just enter their email(s) as you would normally, and they'll be notified both in app and via email. 

You can also share more generally with a DISCO business, by searching for the company name. Just type the company name in the share field, and you'll get suggestions coming up of businesses matching that name: 

Sending to a business will notify the members of that inbox. You can also send to a Team Inbox and individual users from a DISCO – just add the Team Inbox and the users' email addresses. 


Non-DISCO users you send lists to will receive an email notification, and you'll receive a confirmation email as well. DISCO users you send to will receive an in-app notification and an email notification.

As the Playlist sharer, you’ll get notifications in the in-app notification centre when people access the lists you’ve sent out (top right)

You can also access dedicated statistics for each playlist in the Playlist Stats view for each playlist: