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Adding artwork to tracks

If you upload a track with artwork included in the file's metadata, we'll display that artwork with the track in DISCO. If you'd like to add artwork to your track, this can be done automatically via our artwork fetching feature, or you can add your own art. 

1. Auto-artwork matching

When you upload tracks to DISCO and there's no artwork in the track's metadata, we try to fetch art for that track from a number of third party music databases. If the artwork matched to one of your tracks is incorrect, please let us know at support@disco.ac. 

2. Adding your own artwork

To add your own artwork, open the metadata pop up for the track or video. You can do this in two ways: 

1. Hover over the icon on any track, and in the hover pop up click 'View full track info'. 

2. Or click the three dot menu at the right of the track pane, and then select 'Edit track information'

In the metadata pop up, you can drag and drop your artwork into the artwork field at left, or click the field to browse for files:  

When you upload art for a track, you'll also be given the option to 'Update art for all tracks'. This lets you update the art for other tracks with the same metadata as the one you're currently editing, saving you having to update it for each one.  

Can I add artwork to all tracks in a playlist at once?

Yes! Just use the 'Edit All' link at the top of each playlist menu: 

This opens a window where you can change the metadata, including artwork, for all tracks in the playlist at once.