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Transcoding tracks on upload

When you upload an audio track or a video in formats other than mp3 and mp4, you will likely see a status of Transcoding...

This means DISCO is creating a copy of your uploaded file in another format- either MP3 for audio or MP4 for video We do this for a couple of reasons: for better in-browser playback for your files, and in the case of the mp3, to ensure the there's a format available with your metadata.

We don't delete the original file and you can always make it available to your recipients by enabling "Include original formats in main playlist download" in the Formats section of the Save Playlist window.

What should I do if my track is stuck on "Transcoding..."?

If one of your tracks shows this message for more than five minutes, try refreshing your web browser.

If that doesn't help, contact our support team with the name of the track and we can take a closer look.

Note that if you're uploading a large video file, transcoding may take a bit longer than five minutes.