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Is there a quick way to change the track order in my playlists?

You can change the track order of your playlists by dragging and dropping the tracks in the right hand Playlist Creator column or you can apply preset orders.

To change the track order of a playlist in the Playlist Creator to one of the preset orders, click Change track order from clicking ⋮ to the right of the Save icon.

For existing playlists in the Explorer, choose Change track order from the playlist context menu ⋮

In the Change track order pop up, choose from the following sort options:

• Artist a-z

• Track a-z

• Date added (oldest to newest)

• Date added (newest to oldest)

• Year (oldest to newest)

• Year (newest to oldest)

• Track order (ascending)

• Custom

Custom is the existing order the tracks are in. Track order (ascending) orders tracks by their track order metadata.