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Playlists auto-created by DISCO

There's an optional feature on DISCO where Playlists can be auto-created based on your Track metadata.

At a glance

When this feature is enabled, a Playlist will be created automatically when you upload two or more tracks with the same Artist and Album metadata.

This can help you organize your content by release, without manually creating a Playlist. Because these Playlists aren't created by a user in your DISCO, they look a bit different (there's no user listed under the title):

But otherwise, they work just the same as any other Playlist: you can edit, share, and delete them.

Enabling and disabling auto-created Playlists

Some older DISCOs may have had this feature enabled by default, but newer accounts won't have it enabled. If you would like to enable or disable this feature, reach out to our Support team

Hiding auto-created playlists

If this feature is enabled on your DISCO and you'd like to keep it, but would prefer not to see these Playlists, you can hide them:

  1. Go to Settings (the person icon in the top right corner of your DISCO), and select Settings and Account.
  2. Under My Settings select Display Settings and check the box to Hide auto-created album playlists.