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Auto-created playlists

Auto created playlists are an optional DISCO feature that automatically creates playlists based on track metadata. 

How does it work?

If you have the auto-playlists setting turned on and you upload more than two or more tracks with the same artist and album metadata, DISCO will automatically create a playlist out of those tracks. This is helpful for organising your catalogue by release, without having to manually create playlists for each release. 

Auto-playlists look a bit different – because they're created by the system, there's no user listed under the title:

Otherwise, they work just the same: you can edit them, share them and delete them, just as you would with a playlist you create. 

How do I turn this feature on or off?

Originally, this feature was included in all new DISCOs, so some of our longer running accounts will still have auto playlists turned on. If auto playlists are turned on in your DISCO and you'd like to turn it off, please contact us

If you have a new DISCO where this feature is turned off, and you'd like to turn it on, please get in touch

If auto playlists are turned on in your business and you'd like to keep the feature turned on, but would prefer not to see them, you can hide them. (If you do a big upload, for example, a lot of auto-playlists can appear at once, pushing down your other playlists).

In Settings, available via the top right menu, there's a checkbox in App Settings that allows you to hide these playlists from view: