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Adding Comments

DISCO has a flexible comments system that allows you to add two types of comments: Internal comments and Client comments.

Internal comments 

Internal comments can only be seen by your team. These are great for more sensitive, internal information that's important for your colleagues to see, but that you don't necessarily want your clients to be able to be able to view.

Client comments

Client comments are designed to be seen by end users, and appear on public download pages. These are designed for information you want people to notice: a key point in the track, say, or key information about the copyright. 

How to add comments

To add comments, open the metadata pop up for the track or video. You can do this in two ways: 

1. Hover over the icon on any track, and in the hover pop up click 'View full track info'. 

2. Click the three dots on the far right of the track pane, and then select 'Edit track information': 

This will open up a track information pop up. Click on the Comments tab, where you can view and delete existing comments, and create new ones: 

By default, all comments are internal. To make a comment viewable to the client, tick the box 'Clients will be able to see this comment':

How do clients view client comments?

Client comments are viewable by the blue links on individual download and playlist download pages: 

When users click them, they appear in their own window: 

You can add multiple comments to each track. 

Are comments searchable within DISCO?

Yes! All comments, internal and client facing, are searchable in DISCO.