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Non-media files: images, text documents, spreadsheets and PDFs

In addition to audio and video files, DISCO lets you upload the other files you use regularly, like spreadsheets, text documents, image files, and PDFs. Just upload them as you would any other file, and they'll show up with an icon indicating their type, or a preview in the case of images: 

You can add any combination of file types, and include them with your audio and video files. You can also preview them in the app, by clicking on the on the file-type icon:

They'll show up clearly labelled on the lists you send out: 

Files DISCO supports

DISCO will let you upload pretty much any type of file, but we'll generate previews for the following files: 

• spreadsheets (.csv, .xls, .xlsx)

• text documents (.rtf, .doc, .docx. txt)

• PDFs

• images (.png, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif)

Please note some larger files may not generate previews.