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Themes let you customise the design of the playlist pages you send out on DISCO.

Themes are great for promo, like sending out an album release, or if your business has different parts with separate branding – like different labels or catalogues, for instance. 

By default, each list will contain your company logo and the default background. It'll look a bit like this: 

Themes let you change the background and the logo (or just one of these):

Attaching a theme

You can add a theme when you're saving your playlist. Just click Theme in the save playlist window:

This will bring up a list of your themes to choose from, as well as the option to make a new theme: 

Creating a theme

To make a new theme, just click Create New Theme in the themes pop up.

Drag and drop your background image and/or logo, or click to browse your files. You can add both a logo and a background, or one or the other; it's up to you. Then click Create Theme, and that's it:

When saving your playlist, attach the theme via the Save Theme button: 

Making a default theme

If you'd like to have a particular theme go out with every playlist you send out, just click the Set as Default checkbox in the theme options for that theme: 

Attaching a theme to a saved playlist

To attach a theme to a saved playlist, just open the saved playlist for editing using the pencil icon, and then click Save in the Playlist Creator menu, and click the Theme tab: 

Managing your themes

You can manage your themes at any time in Settings > Themes