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Browse and Starred

In the left hand nav, you'll see top level views: Browse and Starred

1. Browse

Browse is a feed of all the playlists on the DISCO you have access to (excluding playlists from the inbox that haven't been imported yet). Here you'll see your own playlists, and playlists from your team. In DISCO, the first column is always playlists, and these open out into the tracks in those playlists, which in turn reveal all the playlists they're in. This workflow is designed to move you creatively through your previous creative choices, speeding up the process of creating new lists.

Clicking on Browse refreshes the list of playlists.

2. Starred

Starred contains playlists you've created or starred, and tracks you've either uploaded or starred. Starred allows you to keep track of what you've sent and curate a personal library within the larger team library. To add any playlist or track to your Starred collection, just click the star icon on any track or playlist: 

Where are Team Library and My Library?

In the new DISCO design, Team Library has been renamed Browse, but still functions much the same: it’s a feed of all the playlists and tracks you have access to. The main difference is that Browse is not the same from user to user in a team, as Team Library was. If you save a private playlist only you can see, it’ll show in Browse for you, but not for your teammate.

Similarly, My Library has been renamed Starred, and it still contains all the tracks and playlists you’ve starred in DISCO.