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Managing your team: permissions, invites and removing users

In Settings > My Team, you can manage your team on DISCO. The My team view shows all active business members and invited members of a team. 

There are two levels of user permission in DISCO: admins and regular users.


Each business needs to have at least one admin user. For new businesses, the first user will be made an admin, and they'll then be responsible for assigning permissions to other users. 

Only admins can: 

• delete other users

• make other users admins

• change admins to regular users

• update business settings in Settings > Business settings 

• request to delete the business via business settings.

Regular users

Regular users can invite other users. Regular users can also cancel invites. 

Changing user role

To change a user's role from admin to user, or user to admin, click the menu to the right of their name: 

Inviting users and cancelling invites

New users are only fully added to your team when they click the link on the invite email and set up their account. Until they do, invites can be cancelled by any business user (admin or regular user) via the Cancel invite link for that user: 

Invites can also be re-sent via this section. 

Deleting users

Admins can delete other users by clicking into the the ellipses menu to the right of their name and selecting Delete user:

This will bring up a confirmation message:

When a user is removed, parts of their account are transferred over to the admin user who deleted them:

• their personal inbox becomes a custom inbox, with the admin who deleted them as a manager. this inbox is visible only to the admin who deleted them

• the deleted user's personal library becomes a Channel, with the admin who deleted them as a manager. This channel is visible only to the admin who deleted them

• the admin who deletes the user is added as a manager to all channels owned / managed by the deleted user.