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Sharing Channels and Folders

Users on our Pro and Enterprise plans have the option to share Channels and Folders.

Shareable Channels allow you to share larger amounts of music.

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How to share channels and folders

To share a channel or folder, hover over the channel or folder and open the menu (â‹®).

Then select Share:

Share options for channels and folders include a Public URL for people you send music to outside your DISCO, and an Internal URL, which can be used inside the DISCO for other users on your team with login access to the DISCO:

Revoking a channel or folder share link

In the share pop up for every channel and folder is a red x icon next to the Public URL. This lets you disable that public share link, so it is no longer accessible to anyone who has it:

After confirming, you will see an option to Generate new link:

Shareable channels and downloads

A channel or folder will show a Download channel or Download folder link if the whole channel or folder is calculated to be under 5GB. If it's over, no Download channel or Download folder will show. 

Playlists and tracks will have download options to the right, similar to the regular playlist and track pages: 

Shareable channels and Save to DISCO

Save to DISCO is only an available option on Playlist share pages.

Search in channel and folder share pages

Share pages for Channels and folders have a search field at the top right of the page: 

This search is limited to what's available on that page: folder titles, playlist titles, and track title/artist/album metadata if that track is available on the page you're viewing. Please note tracks within playlists aren't currently searchable, and search is not available on playlist pages. 

Navigating in shareable channels

On channel and folder share pages, as you start clicking into multiple layers of channels and folders (e.g. channel > folder, channel > folder > sub-folder, etc) a breadcrumb trail will appear under the channel or folder name:

Playlists in shareable channels

Playlists display and work the same as they do normally via playlist share links –– Themes and other settings, like Alias Metadata and download Formats, will apply. The main difference is they'll have the breadcrumb trail leading back to their parent folder(s) or channel: