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Setting a playlist's share link to expire

If you'd like a playlist to only be available for a certain amount of time, you can set an expiry date on its share links. 

Setting an expiry date for your playlist

To set an expiry date for a playlist, first open the Share pop up for the playlist, from the three line menu in the top right corner of the playlist panel:

In the Share pop up, you'll see a Security tab: 

To set an expiry date, click the Link Expiry checkbox and enter your expiry date. You can choose from preset expiry dates (7, 14 or 30 days) or choose your own custom date: 

Once you've chosen your date, click 'Save' and the expiry date will be shown in the security tab: 

When the playlist expires, you'll see the date shown in red, and the playlist will no longer be accessible to recipients: 

Note that once you set an expiry date for a playlist, all share links for that playlist will expire on this date.

Removing an expiry date from your playlist

To remove an expiry date, just open the Share pop up, click on the Security tab and uncheck Link expiry

* Note this feature is only available on certain plans.