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Password protecting your playlists

To make sharing your playlist more secure, you can protect it with a password. 

Note that this is a premium feature not available on all subscription plans.

Setting a password for your playlist

Open up the playlist menu by clicking the three vertical dots next to your playlist, then click Share:

In the Share pop up, click on the Security tab:

To set a password, click the 'Password Protect' checkbox, enter your password, and then click 'Save password': 

Please make sure to send the password to your recipient using a secure means, as it cannot be sent via DISCO.

When the recipient loads a password protected playlist, they'll see a field to enter the password: 

Once the recipient enters the password and clicks Open playlist, they'll be able to access it. 

Note that once you set a password for a playlist, all share links for that playlist will require that password for access.

Disabling password protection on a playlist

To disable password protection for a playlist, simply open the Share pop up, click on the Security tab and uncheck Password Protect.