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Transferring your catalog from Source Audio

To transfer your catalog from Source Audio to DISCO, you will need to be on a DISCO Pro or Enterprise plan. Please follow the steps below.

1. Contact Us

To transfer your catalog from Source Audio to DISCO, please contact us first, via the chat window in the bottom right corner of your DISCO, or by emailing onboarding@disco.ac so we can set the transfer up on our end and send you the details you'll need to initiate the transfer.

2. Visit Source Audio admin

Once you've contacted us and we've sent you the details for the transfer, visit the Admin panel in your Source Audio. From the left sidebar menu, choose File delivery

3. Add new recipient

In the File Delivery section, click the New Recipient button on the right side of the page: 

4. Enter transfer details

In the Create a New Recipient page, enter: 

Preset: Custom


Email: deliveries@disco.ac

FTP info: SFTP

For the other SFTP details, please use the details we'll give you after you contact us about setting up the delivery. 

Once you've entered all the details, click Save and Configure Delivery to move to the next step. 

4. Enter metadata delivery details

This will bring you to the metadata setup screen. Generally, the defaults can be used here: 

5. Enter file format details

In the File structure section on the same page, select the formats you'd like delivered. 

Note that DISCO supports, per track, one lossy format (i.e. mp3) and one lossless format (either AIFF or WAV), so please only send one of AIFF or WAV. We recommend AIFF because metadata can be written to it, unlike WAV. If you don't have AIFFs available, we suggest sending WAVs and MP3s so your artwork can be retained based on what is on the MP3 file. We will merge the WAVs and MP3s on our side.

Once you've selected your metadata delivery and file format settings, click Save and continue.

6. Select the metadata fields

In the Metadata fields step, choose the metadata fields you want to send to DISCO. 

The first field to add is Filename. Select Filename in the Source data dropdown, and then click +Add field below, at the bottom right of the panel: 

Repeat this step for all the metadata you'd like to transfer to DISCO. Here are the fields in Source that we have a direct match for in DISCO: 

• Artist

• Album

• Title

• Genre

• Track number

• Composer



• Lyrics

Include any other metadata you'd like to transfer to DISCO, and we'll work with you to import this metadata into other fields within DISCO.

Once you've added all your metadata, click Save to finalize this part of the setup. 

7. Set up delivery

After saving your transfer details in the previous step, you'll be taken to the File Delivery index page. There, click the Start batch delivery button at right: 

This will open checkboxes next to the recipients you've set up. Select the DISCO recipient you just set up and click Create Batch Delivery

8. Select content

In the next screen, you'll select the files you want to send to DISCO. Click Browse all at the top, and then check the boxes next to the catalogs you want to send, checking all of them if you'd like to send everything on your Source Audio: 

9. Confirm and send

You'll now (finally!) see a confirmation screen, where you can confirm and start the transfer. It will show you a summary of everything you've set up so far. 

Toward the top, under Total files, you'll see a summary of the total data being sent, along with the amount of transfer data you have on your Source account, listed under Transfer on your account

Please ensure the amount of data listed next to Transfer on your account is bigger than the amount listed next to Transfer for these deliveries. If it's not, click the Transfer Purchases tab in the File Delivery admin section to purchase sufficient transfer data.

Once you've ensured you have enough data for the transfer, check your summary of the transfer: 

In the last two fields, under Recipient Sending Options, select:

How to send: FTP the files
Notification: deliveries@disco.ac

To begin the transfer, click Send Files.

10. Email onboarding@disco.ac to let us know the transfer is complete.

Please email us once you have completed the transfer.  We'll complete the import and get in touch about the next steps.